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Celebrity Heirs
Asset Protection

Some Celebrities are Heirs to Fortunes

While some celebrities have mustered up a fortune of their own – whether it be through their acting careers or foray into creating signature perfumes – some of Hollywood’s biggest names are actually the heiresses to even bigger players in the entertainment world and beyond.

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Does Apathy Predict Dementia
Advanced Directives

Does Apathy Predict Dementia?

Apathy offers an important early warning sign of dementia in individuals with cerebrovascular disease, but depression does not, new research led by the University of Cambridge suggests.

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DNR and estate plan with doctor
Advanced Directives

Do I Need a DNR in My Estate Plan?

With the recent health crisis, many people have been asking their lawyers if a “Do Not Resuscitate” order – commonly known as a DNR – should be a part of their estate planning.

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Will Codicil Older Couple
Advanced Directives

What Is a Will Codicil?

Writing a will is an important part of creating a financial and estate plan. A will allows you to specify how you want your assets to be distributed among your heirs after you pass away. You can also use a will to name a legal guardian for your minor children. However, what happens if you need to change the terms of your will? That’s where a codicil can help.

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